At St Teresa’s we promote a sense of enjoyment and curiosity of maths to ensure that our pupils utilise their key skills within their day to day life experiences.
St Teresa’s follows the ‘National curriculum programmes of study and mathematics: Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2’. Mathematics in Nursery and Foundation Stage is based on the ‘EYFS Statutory Framework for the Foundation stage’.

As a school, we have adapted a Mastery approach to the teaching of maths. Mastery of maths is when a concept or skill can be applied over time in lots of ways and to unfamiliar situations.

Daily mathematic lessons involve the use of concrete pictorial and abstract representations. Our teaching aims to provides opportunities for children to become fluent in basic number skills (number and times table facts and mental calculations) and to apply their fluency to reason and problem solving using mathematical language and concepts.

We are currently using Sumdog as an exciting way for children to practise maths skills through fun and engaging games.

All children in Y1 to Y6 have their own login and account.

Sum Dog can also be downloaded as an app.

Times Table Rockstars –