Mission Statement

Mission Statement


St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School is an inclusive, vibrant, Catholic community where we encourage everyone to share a love of learning and the love of Christ.

Together, as we all journey through life with Christ, we inspire each other to achieve our full potential and to embrace our future with hope and confidence.


Together at St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, following the teachings of Jesus, we value:

  • Our diversity of talents – creative, musical, sporting, academic.
  • Our respect for each other – supporting, encouraging, trusting, being kind and thoughtful.
  • Our many opportunities to learn – and feel happy, safe, special and successful.
  • Our relationships with each other – loving, caring, belonging, sharing and team-work.
  • Our responsibility to be welcoming, sensible, hardworking, polite and understanding.


Together at St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, following the teachings of Jesus:


We will encourage, nurture and develop our relationship with God, in partnership with our parish community.


We will challenge our children to develop a lifelong love of learning, recognising and celebrating their individual potential, skills and talents.


We will help each child to develop a positive self-image and encourage them to value, respect and empathise with the feelings of others.


We will celebrate the potential and achievement of each child. We will encourage them to challenge themselves in a safe, supportive environment. We will promote an understanding of a healthy lifestyle.


Through our shared Christian values, our children accept and celebrate differences and diversity. Together we will build strong relationships with home, school and parish whilst embracing an understanding of the wider world.